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RISE Wellness Services


Our Mission:
To empower those who seek to improve their lives by providing education, resources, and individualized support.

Our Values:
We believe in respect for ourselves and others. In having Integrity in all that we say and do. Supporting those in need and empowering each individual to reach their own success.

The Meaning of RISE:
R – Respect: Respect for self and others
I – Integrity: Integrity in all that we say and do
S – Support: Support for those in need
E – Empowerment: Empower each individual to reach their own success.

The foundation of the project is the vision of supporting the whole person and their Journey towards improving the quality of their life.
Though the main target population is the general community members who are seeking support, my goal is to grow to a place where we can also focus on individuals experiencing mild to moderate mental health illnesses such as depression, and anxiety, by incorporating therapeutic services and case management.
Using tools such as Imagine You, collaborating with community health partners, providing one on one coaching for goal attainment, and providing targeted skill development courses that are supportive of the whole person model.

Together we rise at RISE Wellness Services!

Ukiah, CA